"How Indoor Advertising can work for your business."

- Target marketing – HEADLINES clients can select locations that serve the same demographic as the customers they need to attract. HEADLINES can reach prospects by income, lifestyle, age groups, etc. and can further target men, or women, or children or all of them. HEADLINES advertisng clients don’t have to pay to reach prospects out of their desired demographic or geographic areas as they would with most other media. HEADLINES allows you to focus all your advertising budget only on the best prospects of your business.


-Captive readers - People read these ads thoroughly, with the average restroom visit lasting from 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Prospects can’t turn the page or channel surf away. Most people look for things to read while they are in any restroom. In fact, a Rice University study indicated that this type of exposure has up to 10 times the retention of traditional print advertising.

-Ultimate recall - 92.5% of respondents to post-restroom surveys were able to not only recall the advertisers by name but a great deal of their message as well. This is further enhanced by the fact that people, in the course of an evening, may visit the restroom many times and thus get many repeat exposures.

-Well Received - 98.9% of respondents either liked reading the ads (it gave them something to do) or were neutral in their opinion.

-Cost Effective - The lowest cost per thousand advertising, about a half cent per reader.

-Flexibility - HEADLINES clients change the ad as often as monthly, to take advantage of sales, specials and holiday promotions.

-Full Color/Uncluttered - Your company will be represented with beautiful full color ads that are not mixed in with 100’s of other ads and competing information as they would be with most newspaper or magazine ads.


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